INTRODUCING: Empowering Women - Changing Lives One Story At A Time!
Inspiring Stories of women who have a dream to help people through their life experiences
Be Empowered through stories
Are you struggling to meet everyday challenges? Faced with events you feel as though no one relates to? Lacking motivation, confidence, or simply seeking solace?

You’re not alone.

In a world that often under-values women, it’s easy for us to get swept away in life’s undertow. However, it’s not impossible to rise above the tides of those life-changing moments, the very ones that lead us to places of empowerment!

Empowering Women—Changing Lives One Story at a Time shares the stories of sixteen women from different parts of the globe. Each narrative illustrates their journeys through adversity, devastation, and other pivotal moments that forever changed their lives, leaving them stronger, braver, and better women.
Some stories are big. Some stories are little. But all the stories are powerful, enriching, and encouraging.

Join these Empowering Women. Get motivated. Be inspired. But most importantly, learn how you too can lead a life full of self-love, confidence, and empowerment.
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Melissa Desveaux started writing after her experiences with pregnancy loss.  Her story in Empowering Women relates to her struggles and how she now uses her experience with grief to empower other women to write their own personal stories and help them self-publish their book. Melissa is also an author of her own book "My Life of Loss" and has published and co-authored with other women about pregnancy related struggles in two other books, "Comfort for the Tears, Light for the Way" and "Comfort for the Tears".
Word from the editor
“Even for women (like me) who occasionally falter at finding confidence, inner beauty, or question our purpose, being able to stand in the light of an empowering woman illuminates the lioness inside. When you feel as though your own light might be dimming under the weight of your burdens or if you’ve gone through trials that have dulled your flame, know and trust that you still shine in your own special way. Empowerment lies within us all; some of us just need a little help uncovering it.” - Jody E. Freeman
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