How To Heal From Pregnancy Loss Even... If You Think You Never Will

After three miscarriages and stillbirth back-to-back. If there is anything I wish I had… 
It’s this guide! 

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How YOU can heal from the pain of pregnancy loss
I completely understand what you’re going through. I have felt every heartache as well. I’ve been through the floods of tears, trembling arms and loss of appetite. 

I’ve blamed everything from myself to my doctor. 

Here is a quick look at my story

It was December 2007 when I experienced a pregnancy loss for the first time. I miscarried after just 8 weeks. 

Then in May 2008, at just 18 weeks pregnant, we were told that our baby wasn’t growing properly. 

After 10 weeks of tests, ultrasounds, trips to the city to see a specialist, worry, anxiety and full of questions we wanted answers to, we were told that our baby would not survive. 

As I went through this traumatic period I fell into a deep depression. 

I felt none of my friends could understand what I was going through. I was just lost and confused. You’re probably feeling the same.

This is why I put together this free Guide... to help mother's like you heal… even if you think you never will.

What You Will Get Out Of This 
FREE Guide: 

As someone who've had their fair share of pregnancy loss. I’ve spent most of my time helping people learn how to heal from this painful experience.

This Free Guide will give you:
  •   Support from someone who has been in your shoes multiple times
  •   My personal tips on how to pick yourself back up
  •   Important information I wish I knew when I was facing loss
  •  And how to deal with unnecessary advice from friends and family
This is everything I wish I had when I was going through all that pain… but it wasn’t available

And now it can be all yours FREE!
Melissa Desveaux
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