What Every Bereaved Mother's Family Needs To Know
And How You Can Help Her Heal After Pregnancy Loss

If you have a relative that just went through a miscarriage or any form of pregnancy loss... 
You NEED this book right NOW! 

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How YOU can help your Relative heal from the pain
Most people don’t realise how common pregnancy loss really is. It’s so common in fact that, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage. But when this happens to someone you know, many people don't know how to give support. 

The truth is, your relative is in a lot of pain. So much pain that it may cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite and many other illnesses. I’m sure you want to help her out but not knowing what to do, may cause tension..

Here's why that is…

When a mother loses a baby… it becomes a traumatic event. Yes, this experience does really traumatise her. 
This means she will be very sensitive to:
- How you speak to her
- What you say to her 
- And the advice you give to her

As much as you want to just come and cheer her up… you may only succeed in increasing her pain and prolonging her trauma. 

This is why it’s so important to read this guide so you can help her heal a lot faster. 

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What You Will Get Out Of This 
FREE Guide: 

As someone who've had their fair share of pregnancy loss. I’ve spent most of my time helping people learn how to heal from this painful experience.

This Free Guide will help you:
  • Discover what she really needs from you... but is unable to tell you
  • Understand the pain she is going through 
  • Learn What NOT to say - to avoid prolonging her trauma
  •  Learn how to comfort her the right way 
This will increase her trust and love for you... because she will see you as someone that understands her. And It will tremendously strengthen your relationship. 
Melissa Desveaux
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