Are You An Aspiring Author Who Wants To Feel Confident Writing & Publishing Your 
Personal Story? 
Have You Been Holding Back From 
Writing Your Personal Story?
  • Do you want to heal from a traumatic experience
  • Do you want to boost your confidence
  • ​Do you want to inspire and empower people that read it
  • Do you want to gain authority and credibility 
  • ​Do you want to help someone that needs your guidance and expertise
  • ​Do you want to leave a legacy 
  • Do you want to use your book as a promotional tool for marketing
  • ​Do you want to make passive income
  • Do you want to gain free exposure, speaking engagements and PR opportunities 
  • Do you want to grow your business 
If so,  you need to Join the 
Write, Self-Publish And Empower MasterClass!
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You Will Have Access To A Step By Step Guide On How To Write & Self-Publish Your Personal Story, Even If You Don't Feel Confident Or Think Your Story Isn't Good Enough
Here's What You Get:
  • 8 course modules delivered to you weekly over 12 weeks so you won't feel overwhelmed
  • Private Facebook Group, so you're not alone
  • ​Full Access to the course once you complete all the modules
  • ​Templates, worksheets and video training
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Write, Self-Publish & Empower Masterclass 
How to Write an Empowering Story and become a Self-published Author
An easy to follow roadmap, to get you from overcoming your doubts about writing your personal story to feeling confident in self-publishing your own book that you can be proud of.
Module 1 - About You
Identify your purpose, your reasons for writing and your backstory.
Module 2 - Overcoming Fear & limiting beliefs
Discover what's holding you back from writing your story.
Module 3 - Deciding What to Write About
Easily determine the topic you will write about.
Module 4 - Your Audience
Get in front of the people that want to read your book and are looking for answers to their own questions. The ones you have.
Module 5 - The Writing Process
 Go through each stage of writing, from outline, starting to write your story and structuring your book.
Module 6 - The Editing Process
Self editing guide before you actually send your manuscript to your editor, finding a suitable editor and proofreader.
Module 7 - How to Format
Guide on which programs or software to use to format your book.
Module 8 - How to Self-Publish
Which platforms to use to publish your book and guides on how to upload your document in the correct format.
Private Facebook group for support and guidance so you're not on your own.
Basic tips on how to market and sell your book online.
Other information and tools you can use to prepare your book including worksheets to guide you through the writing process.
If you're serious about writing your book, I can help you.
Hi, I'm Melissa Desveaux Author, and Consultant for Authors.

It's not easy writing a personal story... let alone publishing one!

I know... I went through all the doubts and fears of people around the world reading my story.

When I wrote my first book, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted to help people that had suffered pregnancy loss; just like me, feel comforted and supported by showing them that they are not alone. 

Writing a book was the only way I felt most comfortable.
For me, writing was the easy part. I already knew my path. It was publishing and marketing that was overwhelming!

Once I launched my book, it captured media attention and I was interviewed by magazine and newspaper publications. I was even a guest speaker at a charity event.
After I compiled and published my second and third books, I was confident enough to show other's how to do the same. 

During this time, I helped the writers of the books I compiled, write their personal stories so they too could help other people with similar struggles. It also helped them on their own path to healing!
Writing a book will help you share your message and make a difference in the lives of many people. It's the beginning of new opportunities. 
Ready to Become a Published Author?
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